Acacia Honey from Drôme des Collines - Drôme, France

4.41 oz jar - €52 / Kg


Maison Hédiard has selected a French acacia honey harvested in the territory of the Drôme des Collines (France). This single-flower honey is one of the best known and most consumed in the world. It is particularly renowned for its liquid texture and very mild flavor.

The Hediard acacia honey can be used to sweeten a white cheese with crushed walnuts and almonds or home-made compote spiced with a hint of cinnamon. It can also be the basis for making many cakes such as madeleines and almond financiers. This honey is loved by cooks and can be added to a vinaigrette as dressing for an endive salad with Roquefort and walnuts or to a marinade to bring a sweet/savoury touch to some of your dishes, especially shrimp dishes. Perfect to be used and spread over roasted meats such as a rack of lamb with herbs or spiced duck magret.

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