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Exquisite Temptation

Hédiard revisits the myth of the Original temptation with a Valentine’s day collection based on candy apples. Inspired by their iconic recipe of apple and caramel, Hédiard invents new creations as appealing as a tatin-style apple spread or a real-size candy apple entirely made out of chocolate. Yield to the temptation !

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7 products

  • Valentine's Day gift box "Exquisite Temptation"

    In a Hédiard gift box



  • Fruit Jellies Duet "Exquisite Temptation"

    5.64 oz box



  • Chocolates with Dried Apple "Exquisite Temptation"

    4.40 oz bag



  • Tatin Style Apple "Exquisite Temptation"

    8.11 oz jar



  • Candy Apples "Exquisite Temptation"

    4.05 oz bag



  • Apple Crumble Caramels "Exquisite Temptation"

    2.82 oz box


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  • Sparkling Apple Juice "Exquisite Temptation"

    25.36 fl.oz. bottle



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