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Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi

Ferdinand Hédiard introduced his first store with an evocative desire: “let a breeze of exotic scents blow through Paris”. Now the authentic Parisian experience wafts through the Emirates, with a wealth of traditional French and adventurous fusion dishes expertly crafted by our Chefs alongside Hédiard’s world-renowned boutique and confectionery.

From Scheherazade onwards, Arabia has always embraced the power of mystique, of never knowing quite what’s coming next – and it’s this sense of potential, of discovery, that Hédiard evokes so artfully in a thousand and one different ways. 

A great place to unwind and people-watch over a luxury coffee or an all-day meal, there’s nothing in the Middle East to match for what the French call l’art de vivre: the art of living well.


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P.O. Box 42681

Marina Mall

Abu Dhabi UAE


Everyday from 9AM to 12AM


Phone: 02.681.6131