The Sommelier's selection
Summer 2016

What else than a choice of fine and fresh “rosé” wines full for the summer selection of our Sommelier !
Through these 3 charming “crus”, a pleasant aromatic tour in Provence paved with floral and fruity notes.

The Sommelier

David Morin

Passionate of local traditions and curious by nature, this Val de Loire native experienced all wine professions. From production to distribution, he experimented all disciplines which enabled him to develop an expertise in wines from all over the world. In Bordelais or New Zealand, everywhere he observes harvest methods, studies wine characters.

This enriching experience gave birth to a will of transmission. He chooses Hédiard, House of Excellence and a Cellar reference, to share his passion. Wine expert of the shop of La Madeleine, he dedicates his knowledge to the selection of rare and prestigious vineyards for everyone’s astonishment.



Source Gabriel is a Rosé Wine delicious at any moments. A very light and balanced Côte de Provence with flowers and citrus flavours, characterized by a touch of acidity which makes it a most enchanting wine. Its delicate colour will light up your summer tables. It is the perfect aperitif for every taste, thanks to its very enjoyable balance in mouth. Each savouring will take you to a walk in the Var region, deep into the Maures hills.

9,00 € TTC



Cuvée Prestige 2015

This « Cru » from Provence is produced in the Gassin peninsula, near Saint-Tropez. It develops berries flavours with a touch of acidity and flowers flavours, that refer to its prestigious Rosé quality. This wine is a must-have at summertime; it will certainly delight your guests with its elegance. Associate it with fishes and grilled vegetables for a true moment of pleasure.

18,00 € TTC


Château Minuty Cuvée Prestige 2015 - Sélection caviste 2016
Rosé Ott 2014 - Clos Mireille - Sélection caviste été 2016


Clos Mireille

Clos Mireille is a spectacular vineblock overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, based on a clay and schist soil at the mercy of sea spray. This unique “terroir” makes it a very special cru with a specific minerality that perfectly fits its citrus zest notes. A harmonious match to accompany cooked seafood and grilled fishes.

27,00 € TTC